GRDA visits Claremore’s CASECO Manufacturing

December 26, 2014

Story originally published in the Claremore Daily Progress By Mark Friedel

Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) administrators recently visited CASECO Manufacturing, Inc. in Claremore to view products currently used by GRDA, as well as other applications.

CASECO Manufacturing Chief Operating Officer Bob Cehelnik said CASECO has outfitted a number of GRDA’s fleet vehicles, installing heavy duty truck equipment and service bodies. During their visit on Dec. 16, GRDA leaders toured the manufacturing plant and gained additional knowledge on the array of CASECO products.

“We have a use for the product here (at CASECO), and currently have service bodies being installed on our trucks,” said GRDA General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Daniel Sullivan. “We wanted to bring our head of transmission to the plant to see more of our fleet as it is being built.”

CASECO Manufacturing, Inc. has the resources to manufacture heavy-duty crane and service bodies for a wide array of truck beds, said Cehelnik.

He said he hopes GRDA’s visit will create more business between the two companies.

“Company president Joe (Hilliard) has done a tremendous job of getting the right product in line and getting the right partners in place,” said Cehelnik.

In 2015, CASECO Manufacturing, along with Pelco Structural, LLC and AXH air-coolers, will celebrate 10 years in Claremore.

“We plan to maintain our footprint in Claremore and Oklahoma and continue to grow at a steady pace,” he said. “As the economy grows, there is always going to be a need for our service, and our goal is to keep jobs here in the area and at our Claremore facility.”

Cehelnik was named COO of CASECO in May. He said one of the goals he has is getting the company more involved with the community.

“It only takes getting the right people together and beautiful things can happen,” Cehelnik said. “This year was a growth year for us compared to the previous year. We have a lot to be excited about and we want to open our doors and express that to the community.”


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