Transportation Options in Claremore Region

Claremore offers its companies true multimodal transportation access and the opportunity to get your product to market faster! Claremore’s centrally-located positioning and direct access to multiple state and federal highways allow our companies easy access to the entire country with two-to-three-day delivery times. In addition, products produced in Claremore are shipped daily worldwide through our Class One rail lines and international marine port.

With some of the shortest regional commute times in the country, your talent pool expands far outside Rogers County or even the Tulsa-Metro. And with both an international and regional airport minutes away from the industrial park, customers, family, and friends alike will have no problem finding their way to your new home.


airplane wing in flight

Air Service


The Claremore Regional Airport is your ticket to open airspace, regional markets, and blue skies. The Claremore Airport is located less than 10 miles from the Claremore Industrial Park. Additionally, the Tulsa International Airport is a quick 24-mile drive from the park. Tulsa International offers direct flights to 17 cities with an average of 55+ departures per day. 

Read about air service options provided by Claremore Regional Airport and Tulsa International Airport.

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Highway / Truck Service


With its centrally located positioning, Claremore is equidistant from Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, which means the entire country is accessible with fast, 2-3 day, delivery times. 

The Claremore Industrial Park is located less than one mile from the United States Mother Road, Route 66, and less than 4 miles from the nearest U.S. Interstate.

Claremore Location Map link
Claremore Location Map
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State Transportation Map
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Travel Distance Map
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CNG Fueling Stations Map
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Port Service

Tulsa Ports

The Tulsa Ports, Oklahoma's premier inland river port and multi-modal shipping complex, is located less than 13 miles from the Claremore Industrial Park. The port offers companies year-round, ice-free service. 

For information about port service, please visit the Tulsa Ports website.

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BNSF Train

Rail Service

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation (BNSF) Rail Spur

Claremore is home to two rail carriers, the Union Pacific Rail and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. Companies located in the Claremore Industrial Park have direct access to an on-site rail spur, served by BNSF. 

For additional information, please visit the BNSF Railway website.


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