Celebrate the Shop Small Season

November 25, 2021

I love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite time of the year, probably because my sweet Momma believed in pies for breakfast on Thanksgiving Day. However, I have noticed that we seem to go straight from "trick or treat" to "'tis the season!" My pie-loving self wants to post "bah humbug" all over Facebook, but I also recognize the goodwill that comes from what I consider to be a minor irritation.

The early start to the holiday season allows us to take the time and enjoy our shopping experience. We have all heard about the current supply chain challenges causing containers to sit full in our ports resulting in empty shelves. Instead of buying sight unseen from an online store and stressing that the item may not arrive in time for Christmas, we can give ourselves a gift and rediscover the joy of spending time to find the perfect present. In addition, it allows us an opportunity to think about the special people who enrich our lives and reflect on how no gesture could be sufficient for those who make gifts worth giving. Something special happens when we give from our hearts and not just our wallets. 

This holiday season, I encourage you to take a stroll into one of Claremore's many unique boutiques and cafés. As you celebrate the shop small season, don't be surprised to stumble upon one treasure that is truly the perfect gift. Take a minute to step into the little cactus store, and you may find more than you ever thought possible. There may be an amazing pitcher plant for your stepdaughter and locally made luxury soaps and bath bombs for your sister. Down the street, you will find cigars, beard oil and shoes for your brother-in-law. There is no limit to the unique variety Claremore has to offer. 

The magic of the holidays only truly happens at home. When we take the time and go off the beaten path of white tiled aisles, we venture deeper into the gift that is Claremore. Somehow, we leave richer. Our neighbors own, run, stocked, swept, decorated, and designed these small, local shops. They are interesting people with a unique story to tell, an investment in their community, and a dream to give you something that you cannot get anywhere else. They give with their hearts, and we must receive with ours. That is a true gift exchange.

For Thanksgiving this year, I will have pie for breakfast, and I will be intentional with my giving this Christmas. So, let's take time to enjoy ourselves, discover the unique treasures that only our home can offer, and venture into the stores and the stories of our neighbors. When you shop - shop early, shop small, and shop local. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Terri May Peters

Small Business Developer - Connect Claremore


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