CIEDA partners to host 900 Rogers County freshman for career pathways event

November 20, 2019

Story originally published by CIEDA

The Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority (CIEDA), in partnership with Northeast Tech, Rogers State University and the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, hosted its inaugural RoCo Rally event last week. Approximately 900 freshman students from across Rogers County school joined business, industry and community leaders to learn about career opportunities available, and the skills and training needed to be successful.

The all-day event was divided into a series of workshops covering a variety of topics, including social media etiquette, financial planning, career action plans, personality assessments and interview skills. Students also attended two panel discussions highlighting career opportunities in health care, manufacturing, insurance and tourism.

“To aid schools in meeting the new requirements placed by the State Department of Education for Individual Career & Academic Plans (ICAP), local industry and training providers took initiative to showcase prosperous education and career pathways to students found within Rogers County,” shared Meggie Froman-Knight, Talent Development Manager for the Claremore Industrial & Economic Development Authority.

Multiple organizations from across Rogers County partnered together to ensure the success of RoCo Rally. More than 14 skills trainers, eight career panelists, 15 career vendors and 42 volunteers joined together to undertake this significant endeavor.

“On behalf of Northeast Tech, we cannot thank each of our volunteers, career presenters, industry professionals and partner organizations enough for the time and energy invested in Roco Rally,” said Paula Reed, Northeast Tech Student Advisor. “Without the generous donation of their time, this event would not have been possible. As an educator, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching the students practice the skill sets and utilize the soft skills we discuss on a daily basis with real industry and business professionals.”  

Alicia O’Donnell, Catoosa Public Schools Superintendent said, “RoCo Rally was not only an opportunity for our students to have fun learning about the valuable skills needed within the workplace, it also highlighted how the skills and lessons our students are learning every day in the classroom connect to what they will be doing in the future.”


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