Development Soaring At Claremore Regional Airport

July 14, 2014

Story originally published by CIEDA

Completion of the north taxiway extension has stimulated expansion and development at Claremore Regional Airport. It has created the potential for eight new private box hangars ranging from 2,500 sq/ft to 3,500 sq/ft.

The extension also enables the airport to construct a 16,500 sq/ft 10 block T-hangar. Currently, three of the eight lots have been leased with one building complete and two under construction.

“The growth we’ve experienced in the past few years is unprecedented for regional airports of our size,” said Eric Winn, Claremore Regional Airport Manager. “In this time, we’ve seen great strides in expansion and development.”

The Claremore Regional Airport is owned by the City of Claremore and managed by the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority. It has seen tremendous growth over the past five years including the construction of 15 new private and commercial hangars.

“We are proud of the asset we have in our airport,” said Jeri Koehler, Executive Director of the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority. “Few communities in Oklahoma can boast such a fine facility. It is a great benefit to our business and industrial partners.”

The airport has received more than $6.1 million in federal grants and continues to stand out as the premier facility in northeast Oklahoma.

The airport is located east of town on Highway 20 and plans to host two upcoming community events in the fall.

For more information on the Claremore Regional Airport or for business development inquiries, contact the airport manager at 918-343-0931 or visit


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