CF Industries donates $35,000 to aid Rogers County Schools

May 1, 2020

Story originally published by CIEDA

On March 13, students and educators exited classrooms across Rogers County, eagerly anticipating the start of the Spring Break holiday. In the following days, the COVID-19 outbreak forced the closure of school districts across the state, altering the course of learning for the remainder of the year. Today, educators across the country are working to overcome the unforeseen challenges of total distance learning. In Rogers County, the increased demand placed on internet providers, lack of WiFi access, and device limitations are impacting students and educators as they navigate remote education.

To help aid in the implementation of distance learning, and support the need for increased internet bandwidth, hotspots and electronic devices, CF Industries donated $35,000 to four Rogers County Schools. Claremore, Justice-Tiawah, Sequoyah, and Verdigris all received donations targeted toward easing the technology and access barriers impacting school districts.

“At CF Industries, we believe a company should be both a good employer as well as good neighbor,” said Gary Collins, Production and Operations Manager at CF Industries. “Investing in our communities is a top priority for our organization. During this time of uncertainty, we must ensure our schools have the support and resources to continue to grow young minds. We truly believe there is no better way CF Industries can offer assistance than ensuring schools have the tools needed to ease the transition to remote education.”

A barrier facing all Rogers County Schools is limited internet access, and need to increase WiFi connectivity for its students, especially those living in rural areas. The CF Industries donations are targeted toward helping schools implement continuous learning plans that meets the needs of all students.

“The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are unlike any I have witnessed during my time as an educator,” said Bryan Frazier, Superintendent of Claremore Public School. “These are unprecedented times, and the support from CF Industries is crucial in our efforts to ensure that each Claremore Public School student receives an equitable and high-quality learning experience regardless of the family’s resources or access to technology"

In addition to his role with CF Industries, Collins serves on the Board of Trustees for the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority, and is a member of CIEDA’s Education Committee. A primary objective of the committee is to aid in the development of curriculum that aligns with industry needs and fills skills gaps present in manufacturing and industrial jobs.

“As a former educator I am proud to live in a community where our schools and businesses closely collaborate, innovate and overcome obstacles,” said Dr. Keith Ballard, Chairman of the CIEDA Education Committee. “I appreciate Gary Collin’s leadership both at CF Industries and on the CIEDA Board of Trustees. His insight and support will ensure Rogers County schools have the tools needed to continue offering enriched learning environments for the employees of tomorrow.”


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