Pelco invests in future workforce pipeline

November 5, 2017

Story originally published by CIEDA

Now more than ever, companies are looking to locate in areas that possess a skilled, educated workforce. In order to meet the region’s future workforce demands, Pelco partnered with Catalayah Elementary School through the Partners in Education (PIE) program to lay the foundation for future career pathways.

To celebrate Oklahoma’s first statewide Career Exposure Week, and the arrival of the West Bend Winterland tree, Pelco opened its doors to Catalayah students. During the visit, students were taken on a tour of Pelco’s facilities where they learned about the daily activities of an industrial manufacturer and the various career opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

“Pelco’s partnership with Catalayah Elementary School is much more than a financial investment,” said Phil Albert, president of Pelco Structural, LLC, “it is an investment in the academic and personal growth of Claremore’s students and our economic future. During our school tours, I am recruiting the next generation of Pelco employees and educating them on the endless opportunities available in the manufacturing sector.”

Pelco, in partnership with Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority, also sponsors each Catalayah fifth grade student at Junior Achievement’s BizTown. This interactive facility reinforces the value of workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy while providing opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills. 

“Initiatives, such as career awareness tours, JA Biztown and our Partners in Education program are vital to generating interest for in-demand occupations and showcasing our regional career opportunities,” said Meggie Froman-Knight, talent development manager for the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority. “Many local students are unaware of the job options available in their own backyard. By bringing students into our industrial facilities, we hope to change the negative perceptions surrounding manufacturing, and educate students on the endless opportunities available in this field.”

CIEDA is continually working to develop and foster the region’s workforce through connecting local business and educational partners. Any school or business interested in participating in the Partners in Education program, or in an industrial tour can contact Meggie Froman-Knight at or 918.283.8240. 


About the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority

The Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority (CIEDA) is a public trust organization formed in 1948 to stimulate economic growth and development for the city of Claremore. CIEDA oversees the Claremore Industrial Park and the Claremore Regional Airport, as well as facilitates the recruitment, retention, and expansion of primary industry jobs, and expansion of the sales tax base through the recruitment of new destination retail businesses. CIEDA additionally works to ensure a regional workforce pipeline through initiatives such as Partners in Education and Claremore Collective. 


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